The MIKUTA brand is founded in Berlin by Jacqueline Mikuta and Klemens Weiss, starting out in 2017 with a small jewellery line, which later expanded to clothing in 2019. Now focusing on creating a cool wardrobe for the modern woman who is seeking timeless and everyday pieces but still being different.
Jacqueline started out with her Instagram and blog in 2015 and has since then shared her style, outfits and ideas. With her own MIKUTA brand she now designs her dream pieces for everyone to wear, all made with her signature colours and styles.
MIKUTA stands for comfort, cool and casual with an edge, all with a glimpse of rock’n’roll. Inspired by the calm lifestyle of the Balearic Islands and the messy and a little chaotic lifestyle of Berlin the clothes are laid-back with a twist, playing with the shapes and details, designed for a unique look on our everyday pieces. 
We are very excited and welcome you to join our journey together! ♡